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This is what our students from 2014 have to say about us.

Josefina Estevez

"Aston Academy’s methodology is unique. I’ve never seen anything like that, and I’ve been studying English since I was in primary school. It’s fun, it’s quick, and it works. I wish I could go back and do everything again!"

Raquel Maria Olarte

"Studying English in Aston Academy was a lot of fun. I made new friends and saw Ireland in a way I never thought I would. Walking around its streets and talking to people seemed like a long term goal by then - but I was doing it since day one."

Juan Manuel Garcia

"Reaching proficiency in English for businesses isn’t as easy as it seems. There are few courses that are intended for professionals, so most of us have to learn the specific terms of our discipline by ourselves. It was of great use to find Aston Academy’s business English courses. In only two weeks, I reached my goals with great efficiency."

English courses for Spanish people

Language as a cultural bridge to bring people together

Learning a new language is rarely a matter of simple fun. People who engage the study of a new language intend to open their communication to others. We often underestimate the importance that language has in our lives, but the truth is that we are always using it to get by and share ideas and thoughts. Try to imagine for a moment how many times a day you read a sign, a magazine, some text on TV or the Internet, even the brand name on a soda can. Also, you are listening and talking all the time, asking for things, hearing new information, chatting, communicating in hundreds of different ways. You can do all of that because you can understand the language. Now, if you are living in your country of birth, as most people are, or at least are in your comfort zone where you share the language and culture, it's child's play to understand everything around you. However, the world is wide, and full of opportunities and experiences. Conquering new languages is a must for a fluent communication that will enrich you as a person and allow you to have all these new experiences.

All big projects come to life when people can communicate. Think for a second about the tower of Babel, and how the project failed because all the workers couldn't speak the same language. Learning new languages is the opposite of building the tower of Babel. Great things can happen when people can communicate. Those who understand this, are acquiring new language proficiency that will allow them to make successful and productive contact with one another and work together to learn new things and make big projects come true.

The three most spoken languages in the world

There are dozens of languages, and each one of them has many variations and dialects. The total sum of all of them exceeds our imagination. Naturally, in order to achieve global communication, people choose certain languages, those who are already widely spread across the countries, and make them universal choices for second languages. This way, the global population can focus in just a very few languages, and therefore increase their chance to find groups where they can communicate with each other. There have been different favorite languages across the ages, one of the best known of them being latin, but today latin is a dead tongue and the world focus has swithced to the new lingua franca, English.

If we had to make a top three of the most spoken languages in today's world, English would actually be number two; but it is still the first choice for non English speakers for a second tongue. The most spoken language in the world is Chinese, basically due to the huge population of China. In a third position, we have Spanish, which is the second most used language in social media and the third most used language in the Internet. 

The fact is, more Chinese are learning Spanish and English and the job positions for teachers of both languages are multiplying in this country. English people study Chinese and Spanish, and Spanish people study English and Chinese. As a universal language, all Spanish children should learn English while they're young, because it's easier to incorporate a new language at that age.

English courses for Spanish people

Many English courses are being aimed at Spanish speaking people. Most American countries are mainly Spanish-speaking, and there are many Spanish inmigrants to the main English speaking American country, the United States. Spanish speaking population is abundant and therefore there is a big demand for English classes especially designed for them. Many language schools offer English classes of this kind, and it has been a successful business so far.

If you are a Spanish speaking person who wants to gain proficiency in English, you are very likely to find something that fits your needs. Browse through our other articles to find plenty of information about English courses designed for Spanish speaking people. Some courses are placed in Spanish speaking countries, but we strongly encourage students to travel and learn English in English speaking countries. A natural experience, with actual interactions with real people, is the best way to incorporate a new language in a way that is useful for your everyday life. 

Search our web for naturalistic, focused English courses for Spanish speaking people. Increasing your proficiency in this language will open up many doors for you, from business opportunities to travels, from education to just a greater understandment of humanity.